The purpose of the Association is to provide an organisation, property and facilities through which persons may associate for the following purposes:-

• The promotion and welfare of racehorse owners in Western Australia

• To do and perform an deal with such acts, matters and things as shall be conductive    to the interests of members and to the advancement of horseracing.

The horse and its owner are the special ingredients that set thoroughbred racing apart from gambling halls and casinos. Together with jockeys and trainers they’ve been providing “the greatest show on turf” since the turn of the century.

However, while the equine athlete is the hero, without any doubt the owner is the principal underwriter of the entire performance. Without the financial benevolence of owners who largely provide the main act at a loss (certainly free-of-charge) the show could not go on. Without argument, we are the reason why breeders invest in studs and stock, why trainers invest in stables and why jockeys climb into the saddles.

We provide veterinarians, farriers, grain merchants, float owners and pharmaceutical companies with their livelihood. We provide the horses for bookmakers and punters both professional and amateur, to be bet on, and thereby raise huge amounts of taxation for state governments. It would seem therefore, that our survival and indeed our longevity would be a desirable necessity.

That apparent truth is not necessarily recognised by so many people. It is a stark reality that significantly less than 10% of racehorses show a profit at theend of their careers.

It is past time for the biggest stakeholders in the theatre of racing – the OWNERS – to be treated more like central cast members than mere bit players. Our costs must be reduced. Our returns must be increased – only then will the lot of the Owners be improved.

Will you help in this vital pursuit by lending your support to the Western Australian Racehorse Owners’ Association? There always will be strength in numbers. We seek your support so that we may be better able to persuade and argue from a position of authority.

The more owners we speak for – the sooner we’ll be able to deliver meaningful benefits and cost concessions currently not available.