God Has Spoken and this time it had nothing to do with Neville Parnham.

The last time God’s chosen sides, the mighty West Perth Cardinals (some call them Falcons) and the great Hawthorn Hawks, won the double was 1971.

Get ready for the sequel next week when birds of a feather continue to stick together. If you have backed the Falcons/Hawks 2013 double you will end up richer than Bruce Saxild and Clive Palmer–not to mention the satisfaction of being with God’s sides.

The Cardies despite their second semi final win against Claremont started underdogs against East Perth in the Grand Final. But they were also underdogs against the same club in 1971 and we know what happened then.

(Before you read on, and if your heart beats true for the Red and the Blue, go into You Tube and have  It’s a Grand Old Flag song playing in the background. It will put you in the mood to know you are superior to non-believers).

West Perth had no intention of letting East Perth move level with them on premierships and the Cardies now have 19 flags on the wall – two clear of the Royals.

For three quarters it was a good game until the floodgates opened in the form of rain from the heavens and Cardinals reigning goals to demolish East Perth by 49 points.

As Trevor Jenkins said on ABC News on Sunday night “it was almost as good as 1960”.

Like TJ the first Cardinal premiership I witnessed was as a young lad in 1960. Who can ever forget Ross ‘Rainbow’ Ayre booting seven goals at full forward against John Watts?

Laurie Richards did the same at the end of the sixties when WP slaughtered EP in the 1969 Grand Final by 73 points.

Of course being a true believer I will be magnanimous in victory when I sweep majestically but with true humility into the press box at Belmont next week….you all remember Belmont it is where we used to have races before the rain. Time to buy a Placid Ark methinks, one that floats. Although it would be good to stock the four legged variety in case we hit dry land and a racecourse!

Talking about the AFL final rounds I was discussing the manic and maniac media presentation given to the Fremantle Dorkers going into the match against the Sydney Cygnets (well they played like baby swans).

The West Australian has already become ‘The Daily Dorker’ with non-stories about everything to do with the Purple People Eaters. God help us this week as they have actually now got into a Grand Final.

Here is a heading for the media next week: ‘Hawks sink Dorks to Bottom of the Harbour.’ Hopefully they will meet Malcom Fraser at the bottom –a bloke that has turned a nice shade of Green in recent times and as PM (1975-83) gave the world the Zimbabwean thug, Robert Mugabe.

Bill Bovington, the Father of the Belmont Press Box growled during last week that he would be glad to see the end of the Dorks at the hands of Sydney.

I said they would go one better before being demolished by Hawthorn which would lead me to write a pithy story. Bill replied, “You always write pissy stories, John.”

I hate it when Bogweed talks dirty so I told him to talk like his writing –with a lithp! It is sad to see that age has finally wearied Ol’ Bill. He still retains his allegiances to the Old Dart and was chuffed with England’s success in the Ashes.

Bogweed can trace his roots to the Transport ships when most of his forebears came across to Oz, courtesy of the Old Bill.

Someone who should be put on a Transport ship is the Joondalup City Council President who earlier this year was whining that West Perth should be called the Joondalup Falcons.

Any future WPFC committee that votes for this should have their heads stuck on the goalposts, or on pikes, and their entrails spread over the ground! (We can learn from the Poms –they did this to traitors for over 400  years, up to 1678)

It was bad enough losing the North Perth Cricket Club’s name (ditto the West Perth CC) because of suburban moves. History and tradition matters and having been associated with those two cricket clubs, as well as the Cardies, I am not big on vandals wrecking tradition and demolishing history.

Remember when the push was on to amalgamate Hawthorn FC with the Melbourne FC. Demon members actually approved the move; Hawthorn members revolted.

 In fact I can never forget former Hawk strongman, Don Scott, standing up and destroying the hideous composite guernsey that had a golden Hawk head imposed on the Melbourne navy and red colours.

The great colours can be embraced in other ways.

Those of you who believe in omens would have loved the ABC cameraman at Subiaco Oval,last Sunday, zooming in on two small primary school boys giving each other a hug. One of the boys was wearing a West Perth jumper the other a Hawthorn guernsey.

Birds of a feather, Falcons and Hawks, stick together.

Great effort Cardies, go the mighty Hawks.