AR175B. (3) Owners laying runners

Please be aware there have been some recent instances of owners laying their own runner on betting exchanges, which is an offence under the Australian Rules of Racing. To date Stewards’ investigations have revealed no malign intent in these lay bets and as such cautions have been issued to first time offenders. However with an increasing number of these cases, the RWWA Stewards feel it is appropriate to remind owners of their obligations in regards to AR175B.(3)

AR175B. (3)

(3) A nominator must not lay any horse that is or may be entered by him or on his behalf, provided that a bookmaker may lay a horse in accordance with his license.

(7) For the purposes of this rule “lay” means the offering or the placing of a bet on a horse:

(a) to lose a race; or

(b) to be beaten by any other runner or runners; or

(c) to be beaten by any margin or range of margins; or

(d) that a horse will not be placed in a race in accordance with the provisions of AR 157

AR175C in circumstances where it is an offence for a person to lay a horse under AR175B it shall also be an offence for that person to:

  • have a horse laid on his behalf; or
  • receive any moneys or other valuable consideration in any way connected with the laying of the horse by another person.

“Nominator” means any owner or if the horse is leased by any lessee by or on whose behalf a horse is entered and includes any Registered Manager for a Company and any trustee for a Syndicate and any person exercising the rights of a nominator under the Rules by reason of the death of a nominator, the sale of a horse with engagements, the termination of a lease or otherwise