RWWA Forms

It is a requirement of all rules of racing that the true and correct ownership of the animal is properly recorded with RWWA. The correct payment of stakemoney demands that the ownership records for every animal competing must be correct at the time of the race. In this respect any changes to ownership must be advised promptly and prior to the animal completing any racing engagements.

To effect a change in ownership or membership of a Syndicate, the relevant form along with prescribed payment must be forwarded to Licensing and Registrations.


Effective the 1 July 2014 the Australian Racing Board (ARB) has amended the Australian Rule of Racing AR.64J to make it compulsory for Managing Owners or their representatives (Trainers) to notify RISA on the retirement or death of their horse.

The single Retirement of Racehorses or Death Notification Form can be found by clicking here. Completed forms need to be forwarded to

Trainers are still required to lodge stable returns regarding Left Stable, Entered Stable, Retired with the RWWA Thoroughbred Racing Department within 48 hours under AR.54.

Transfer of Ownership Forms

The following forms are available for the purposes of Ownership transfers:

Horse Registration Forms

On completion of  the above form, please send them to:

Registrar of Racehorses
Level 7, 51 Druitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000