Al Samer x Lunarism 03-12-2011 GEN  120Want To Buy a Racehorse

There are a number of ways you can get involved in this exciting sport.

Outright Purchase of a Racehorse

You can buy a horse outright – 100% of the costs but you receive 100% of the prize money.

If you take this path it is best you find a trainer you are comfortable with and allow them to assist you to buy a horse at the annual yearling sales or by private negotiation. The other option is to go through one of WA’s professional bloodstock agents.

Only deal with professionals in the Industry to ensure your purchase has its best chance to get to the race track.

A number of leading trainers are members of WAROA.

Purchasing a Share in a Racehorse

To keep the costs down, many owners buy a share of a horse. You can form a syndicate of friends to buy a horse to race together.

Alternatively, you can contact a WAROA trainer direct or one of RWWA’s licenced syndicators, who normally have shares for sale of various sizes.

A number of licensed syndicators are WAROA members.

A guide to costs to race a thoroughbred (February 2012)

Spellingexpect to pay $19.00 to $23.00 per day for agistment.

In Training expect to pay $70.00 to $75.00 a day for leading trainers. In addition there will be farrier and vet fees, plus race day expenses (budget for $300 a month over the training fees).

On average a horse may have two spells over the course of 12 months averaging eight weeks in the paddock. The balance of time they will be in work and racing.

Note: the amounts quoted are a guide only, and may vary up or down depending on the supplier.